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Average Days of an Average Life...
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    Been awhile since I posted here, mainly because no one reads it... or maybe you do read it! Whatever, if you do, leave a comment so I know you exist. The more comments you leave per news post, the more news posts you get, that's the deal.

    Onto real life matters and whatnot. Well, I'm eager for Christmas (obviously) because I may be getting one of the most important things I could ever actually get, a Wacom Tablet! If you're a fan/follower of my flash animations, you may know that I currently use the mouse to draw.... everything; but if I got one of those babies you'd be able to see my real drawing abilities in action! I'm almost positive I'm getting one, because whenever I ask my mom what she got me, she always says the answer in a singular tense instead of a plural one (I.E. I know you're going to love this thing!). My mom underestimates my intelligence. He he he...

    On another Christmas note, I'm currently in a bit of a blunder. Okay, I discovered that the new Daft Punk album Alive 2007 was coming out on November 19th via the Wikipedia page I just showed you, and me being a huge fan of their music, I got psyched. Now, I was expecting it for my birthday this year, because that's what I suggested that my mother get for me, perhaps it was dumb of me to expect it, but whatever, when I found out I hadn't gotten it (I got Super Mario Galaxy instead) I decided to "get it" through the "internet" by "utilizing my resources." Long story short, I now have it on my computer.  Continuing with the story, I put it on my MP3 player and brought it along with me on a trip to go see my sister, when my whole family was gathered in the living room, my dad saw that I was boppin' my head to some music, and asked what it was, I told him it was Daft Punk and he immediately asked: "Is that there newest album? The Alive '07 one?" Now, my dad knows very little about Daft Punk, so when he guessed exactly what it was I realized that he must have bought me the album for my birthday. I told him that it wasn't the new album, and that I hope I can get it soon, he smiled and leaned back in his chair again. So now I feel bad for having downloaded/heard it before I actually got the album. If/when I do get it from my dad, I'll delete it off my computer and put the actual version on, just to be nice.

    Okay well that should bring you up to speed on my life as of 12/19/07. Thanks for reading, and leave a comment for gosh sakes.



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