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Controversial Blog Posts!
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I really should keep my LiveJournal up-to-date.

I actually do have an interesting thing I've been meaning to bring up to my LJ readers. All zero of you. It's about my favorite website on the whole internet, Newgrounds.

I've been noticing an increased level of sarcasm, and general dismissiveness (I don't think that's a word) when it comes to Newgrounders news posts. What started out as a neat way to get feedback on your ideas/progress for your latest cartoons/music/whatever, seems to have become more of a "who can make the funniest sarcastic comment" contest. As a result of this, I've taken to not update there as much as I used to. Let me reference back to a few of my older news posts comments, compared to some of the comments from my latest one.

Here's a few comments from my news posts that pre-date 2/3/08:

"Cant wait to see it done, I think it will look good." (In reference to a cartoon update)

"Looks like a nice menu! I really like the flash dude on the left." (In reference to a picture I posted)

"Seems pretty decent, looks fairly new. My only advice is get a more attractive layout and banner too attract more users." (In response to a post about my old forums)

"mmm i'v seen some of your old jim stuff before! looking good man!! though i find it strange that you still do such an extremely simplified character style when you have a tablet." (In response to a screenshot I posted from an upcoming cartoon)

"Oooo this seems like it is going to turn out awesome!" (In response to another screenshot)

All very helpful/supportive comments.

Now here's a few that have been posted since 6/7/08:

"JIM DAY IS GAY! Remember this when 2009 comes along." (In response to my news post regarding Jim Day 08)

"i hope i never meet a newgrounder in real life" (In response to my comic-con report)

"I..I..I didn't think I cared...." (In response to my announcement that I'm at college now)

"did you intend to totally rip off the style from Future, or what?" (In response to a screenshot I posted of a new cartoon)

These are just a few examples of things I've noticed, it's not just on my blog, go to any of the new News Posts on NG, and I guarantee that there'll be at least a few solely sarcastic and unhelpful comments. I hate to sound annoying or naggy, all in all this really isn't a big deal, it's just one of those things that has driven me away from utilizing my once-a-week NG frontpage post.

It's not like I care if people make fun of me on the internet, but if all I'm going to get is people trying to post sarcastic/witty comments on my news posts, then what's the point of making them?


P.S. Gee, what a way to ring in the new year.